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Agri-Herbal-Forestry is a sustainable business model which utilizes intra-tree space and shades for planting and livestock activities. Forest resources and space are better utilized and conserved by turning a single-purpose forest plantation into a cost-effective composite business model. Agriculture, forestry and livestock farming interact complementarily to create a sustainable and harmonious forest ecosystem based on shared natural resources.

NPH has started its agri-herbal-forestry in Yunnan Province. The development of this operation is critical for shortening the economic cycle, maximizing values added, facilitating sustainable forestry development, expanding income sources for farmers, developing a circular economy as well as consolidating ecological progress.

The abundant ethnic traditional medical culture and ecological diversity of Yunnan not only lay a solid foundation for its exclusive “Yunnan Medicine” industry, but also provide us with a golden opportunity for future business development.

Our Agri-Herbal-Forestry Establishment
Yunnan Senkui Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Senkui Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 in Kunming City of Yunnan Province with a registered capital of RMB10 million. Our core business is to develop agri-herbal-forestry including, but not limited to, the cultivation of Chinese herbs and tea, and the collection of wild honey.

We plan to plant 6,000 mu of Chinese medical herbs in a natural forest located in Jiancheng County of Pu’er City, comprising 3,000 mu of Dendrobe on trees and 3,000 mu of herbs under tree, including but not confined to Common Bletilla Tuber and Yunnan Gold.

By virtue of the favorable climate, water and soil, altitude and other natural resource advantages in Jiangcheng County, we strive to develop “Yunnan Medicine” to be a famous brand of Pu’er and even Yunnan, helping start a new chapter for the industry.

  • 树下种植的树生石斛

  • 树下种植的树生石斛

  • 树下种植的白芨

  • 树下种植的白芨